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Mission Statement
We are a casual raiding  guild.  We run instances and assist one another as much as possible.  We are constantly gearing our toons for end game content.  We raid as often as we can and encourage one another but do not require participation at all times.  We understand people have a life outside of WoW! We enjoy each others company and have fun on a daily basis.


Night and Weekends Raids: 1) Raiders must use vent, whether you have the capacity to speak or not. Coordination through voice is crucial to successful raiding. Once the client program is downloaded from you can connect through the server information located to the left.  Be sure to get the password from forums!   When raiding there will be a specific channel set up to join.  Raiders MUST have deadly boss mods! Download from curse or any of the other sites listed on the information tab! 

2) Be on time, at the designated place, ready to go. If you are going to be late you must tell the raid leader ahead of time in order to reserve your spot. Use the forums or in game mail if the raid leader is not on.  Being on time means having ammo stocked, potions ready, bags emptied, and anything else that needs to be done. Repeatable tardiness will mean exclusion from raids, demotion in rank, and possible removal from the guild.  All invites start 15 minutes before raid time.

3) Master Loot will be the method of loot distribution. One main spec roll if no one in the raid rolls it will go to off- spec.  There will be unlimited off-spec rolls.  If no one rolls for off-spec and you have already won an item you may roll for main spec again.  Any shards will go in the guild bank for enchants. Any marks count as main spec.

4) Keep your gear gemmed and enchanted.  There are several enchanters in the guild or there are materials in the bank, please ask an officer for these materials.  There is also a nice selection of gems in the bank, if you are raiding with us you may trade a raw gem for a cut one or you make exchange for a high end item.

5)Flasks or elixers must be used in raid that is part of being ready.  Both are in the guild bank like the gems and enchant materials please exchange with an item of value.  Have food with you in case there is no cook with fish feasts. 
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